Halliwell Manor: Get the Look

In my last post, I promised to show you how to capture the look of some iconic television interiors, and this week, I’m delivering! Let’s kick things off with one of the most beloved houses in TV history: The Halliwell Manor from the WB show Charmed. I adore the layered, collected look of this house, which beautifully showcases its multi-generational family history, dating back to 1906.

Charmed Halliwell Manor Peacock kitchen
Charmed Halliwell Manor dining room peacock
Charmed Halliwell Manor living room peacock
Charmed Halliwell Manor Solarium peacock

The home’s interior has a charming Granny Chic feel. Since the show ran from 1998 to 2006, I’ve chosen items that maintain the Manor’s vibe but with a slightly updated look.

Just like many episodes, we’ll start in the foyer, which opens to the parlor. Key features of this space include the frequently destroyed grandfather clock and the foyer table. While I’m not the biggest fan of grandfather clocks, a Halliwell foyer wouldn’t be complete without one. So, I’ve picked a modern twist on this classic piece. For the wall color, Farrow & Ball’s Dimity is perfect.

Halliwell Manor Foyer and Parlor Get the look selections

The living room is a true homage to the late ’90s, with plush sofas featuring flared arms, slipcovers, and dark wood furniture adorned with feminine accents. Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster is the ideal wall color, with its neutral yet feminine tone tying the room together beautifully.

Halliwell Manor living room selections

In the dining room, the table takes center stage. This large dark wood table is perfect for family dinners or as a barrier during those demon fights (he-he). The look is softened by slipcovered dining chairs with ruffled skirts and floral wallpaper.

Halliwell Manor Dining Room Selections

The kitchen posed a bit of a challenge because its standout features—the vintage gas stove and the central pine worktable with cooktop—are truly unique. However, vintage-inspired cooktop appliances, a farmhouse table, a distressed buffet, and wallpaper with a small floral print can evoke the Manor’s cozy kitchen vibe.

Halliwell Manor Kitchen Selections
Halliwell Manor solarium selections

Last, but certainly not least, is the solarium—one of my favorite spaces. It stands out from the rest of the house with its lighter woodwork and streams of light through the stained glass windows. To bring this space into your home, all you need is some rattan furniture, stained glass, lush houseplants, and walls and trim painted in Farrow & Ball’s Dayroom Yellow.

I hope these tips help you bring a bit of Halliwell magic into your own home!

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