Why Design?

I have spent the last week heavily in design mode, creating a space with Parisienne influence, which I will share in a future blog post. As always, when I spend a lot of time creating I became very introspective and started questioning why design a space? Why not just live in it? 

I mean seriously, can’t you just put a sofa, TV, and table in a room and call it a day? Of course you can, and many do. But once you’ve truly noticed your space, I mean really noticed it, have you considered how it makes you feel?

Beautifully designed kitchen with blue cabinets, marble and brass accents


Function is perhaps the most obvious reason why design matters. Many of our clients initially reach out to us for kitchen and bath designs. These spaces demand meticulous space planning for maximum comfort and functionality because they are essential to daily living. Kitchens and bathrooms involve fixed installations that aren’t easily changed once they’re in place, making thoughtful design crucial from the outset.

Window treatments are another functional aspect where design expertise is often sought. They are arguably the most functional items in our homes, offering insulation against heat and cold, controlling light, ensuring privacy, and enduring daily wear and tear. While window treatments also touch on aesthetics, their primary purpose is functional.


An aesthetically pleasing space significantly impacts mental health and well-being. Visually appealing spaces are more welcoming and make people feel valued. Spaces that feature art and natural themes, in particular, can reduce stress and enhance mental health. There is an extensive body of research linking our surroundings to our overall well-being.

Creating a visually appealing space is an investment in art, lighting, flooring, and furniture. The effort to ensure these elements work harmoniously to achieve a look that brings happiness is worthwhile. A well-designed space doesn’t just look good; it feels good, contributing to a positive and uplifting environment.

The Emotional Connection

Design goes beyond function and aesthetics. It’s about creating a space that resonates emotionally. A thoughtfully designed room can evoke feelings of calm, joy, and inspiration. It reflects your personality and tells your story, making it uniquely yours. This emotional connection to your space is what transforms a house into a home.

So, why design? Because design impacts every aspect of how we live and feel in our spaces. It’s about creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing environment that supports your well-being and resonates with you on an emotional level. Don’t just fill a room with furniture; design a space that enhances your life.


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