From Screen to Style: Drawing Inspiration from TV Homes

In my previous post, I delved into finding inspiration for decorating, and while watching “Kiss Me Goodbye,” with its stunning NY brownstone as a backdrop, it struck me to share one of my cherished sources of inspiration: my television screen. Initially, I intended to encompass both movies and television shows, but the abundance of options compelled me to narrow my focus solely to TV shows, even then, considerably trimming down the list.

I’ve chosen to spotlight four of my beloved TV homes: Norman’s house from “The Kominsky Method,” Charles and Oliver’s apartments in “Only Murders in the Building” (technically two abodes, I know), The Halliwell Manor in “Charmed,” and the Stevens’ house in “Bewitched.” Today, I’ll talk about on what captivates me about each of them, and in subsequent posts, I’ll craft style boards inspired by these residences.

The Kominsky Method Netflix Normans House Exterior

Let’s start with my affection for Norman’s house, which begins with its exterior—a 1920s old Hollywood stucco colonial, exuding a blend of richness and stateliness tempered with approachability, much like Norman’s character. Stepping inside, the grand two-story entry adorned with molding and an array of art sets the tone for the subtle glamour pervading the rest of the home. The cozy den area, with its large French doors, cove moldings, and fireplace, evokes the era of the home, while the grasscloth wallpaper, custom drapery, and Norman’s art collection infuse it with understated luxury. The primary bedroom and closet, in particular, epitomize Norman’s character—rich yet unpretentious—with their custom drapery, grasscloth, and an ambiance that strikes a balance between masculinity and femininity. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to share of the kitchen and gardens, but they are equally splendid. If you haven’t already, do check out the show.

The Kominsky Method Netflix Normans House Entry
The Kominsky Method Netflix Normans House Bedroom
The Kominsky Method Netflix Normans House Den

Next on the roster are the apartments of Charles and Oliver from “Only Murders in the Building.” Charles’s place boasts a clean, modern style, exuding control and orderliness, while Oliver’s residence leans towards grandeur and chaos. Yet, both spaces share rich, dark colors and molding that make bold statements. Charles’s mid-century modern aesthetic veers towards the traditional in his kitchen, evident in his choice of faucet and cabinet style. A frequent debate in my household revolves around which apartment one would choose. My verdict? Both! I adore them both!

Only murders in the Building Olivers apartment foyer
Only murders in the Building Olivers apartment living room Hulu
Only murders in the Building Charles apartment kitchen hulu
Only murders in the Building Charles apartment kitchen hulu

Now, let’s journey to San Francisco to explore the Halliwell Manor, a beloved fixture in the “Charmed” series. This house garners significant attention online, and rightfully so—the set designers executed it brilliantly. As the story goes, the family moved into the home in 1906, just after the earthquake, having been home to at least three, possibly four, generations. The shell of the house is classic Victorian—dark wood moldings, stained glass windows, and grand fireplaces,  layered over the years with feminine furniture and color schemes, evoking a Grandma Chic ambiance. The kitchen, a personal favorite, exudes warmth and coziness, featuring classic elements and a delightful touch of orderly chaos. And let’s not forget the weathered pine island with its charmingly impractical cooktop.

Charmed Halliwell Manor Peacock Exterior
Charmed Halliwell Manor Solarium peacock
Charmed Halliwell Manor Solarium peacock
Charmed Halliwell Manor parlor peacock
Above photo and left photo are courtesy of
Charmed Halliwell Manor living room peacock
Charmed Halliwell Manor Peacock kitchen
Charmed Halliwell Manor Peacock kitchen
Charmed Halliwell Manor dining room peacock

Last but not least, my first TV love—the Stevens’ house, nestled in Westchester County, NY. While appearing as the typical traditional home of the 1960s, closer inspection reveals modern nuances. The open spaces, a rarity in Northeastern homes of that era, and the seamless indoor/outdoor flow, defy convention. Two details hold a special place in my heart: the cozy reading corner in the living room, a childhood haven for literary adventures, and the walnut-encased television, a quintessential 1960s feature that adds nostalgic charm to the ambiance. For those who wish to see the rest of the house including the primary bedroom, Tabitha’s room and the state of the art 1960s kitchen along with delightful supernatural hijinks, it’s all available on Max.

Bewitched Living room HBO MAX
Bewitched Stairs HBO MAX
Bewitched dining room HBO MAX
Bewitched Living room HBO MAX

I hope you enjoyed exploring the homes featured in some of my  favorite TV shows and how they unveil not only stunning aesthetics but also a glimpse into the characters’ lives and personalities.  As we draw inspiration from on-screen dwellings, let’s celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship that bring these fictional homes to life, enriching our own interior design adventures along the way.


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