One Room, Two Designs

Designers are frequently asked about the source of inspiration for their creations. Surprisingly, there is no singular source of inspiration, but more often than not, it’s the client who serves as the muse. The initial meeting with the individual whose space is being redesigned provides insights into their preferences, then the architecture of the room guides the rest, creating a roadmap for the entire design process. Ironically, designing my own living space proves to be a more challenging endeavor, lacking the external influence that a client typically provides.

For the following two designs, I began with the same vacant room. This exercise served as a means to hone my Photoshop skills, allowing me to conceptualize designs tailored for imaginary clients.

empty room, renovated flat - empty room, fresh renovated flat with wooden floor,

Design A

Client: Young professional woman; an avid reader who cherishes vibrant colors but refrains from painting due to the rental nature of her apartment. Wanting an upgrade from her current boho style, she seeks a balance between sophistication and comfort. The room’s purpose encompasses both entertaining guests and reading.

Listed below are all the design elements, with the exception of the drapery from Lush Decor and vases from Crate & Barrel

Modern Colorful apartment with mod loft sofas and bohemian touches

Design B

Client: Young couple, embarking on their first living space together, sharing a passion for movies. Expressed a desire for bold walls, they would like easily removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper. Seeking neutral yet contemporary furniture, they envision a timeless setup for reading, movie nights, and entertaining guests. Listed below is all the furniture and decor that I used except the drapery, which is from Lush Decor and the fiddle leaf fig from Wayfair and the wall mural from Rebel Walls.

Modern apartment with large wall mural from Rebel Walls and neutral furniture

In Design A, the drapery and vividly colored upholstery take center stage, with the consistent persimmon hue elevating the overall aesthetic. The versatile sofa, complemented by a side chair that can be added for an extended configuration, adds flexibility. The wood end table, lamps, and a Kilim pillow introduce a subtle bohemian touch.

Conversely, Design B features a striking wall mural from Rebel Walls, creating a focal point balanced by a spacious sofa and eclectic artwork on the opposite wall. Comfortable side chairs cater to reading and conversation, easily transitioning for optimal viewing of the Frame TV during movie nights. The drapery, in this instance, assumes a supporting role, softening the sharp lines of the expansive window.

These designs underscore the dynamic interplay between client preferences and design elements. The varied needs and personalities of clients breathe life into each project, transforming a mere space into a personalized haven that reflects the unique essence of its inhabitants.

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