Let’s Not Call Them Trends 2024

Let’s refer to them as design elements that captivate us and that we’re eager to embrace. It’s not that categorizing something as a trend is inherently negative, but good design transcends fleeting popularity, and the most successful interiors defy simplification to one or two components. Here are a few recurring themes that continue to capture my attention and that I would love to witness integrated into homes.

Classic black interior with armchairs, sofa, coffee table, lamps, flowers and wall molding

Allover, Deeply Pigmented Wall Colors. Lots of Applied Molding. “Parisian” Aesthetic.

I’ve always associated extensive applied molding with classic Parisian style. However, there are many styles of molding, not all of which are traditional, so I’m letting it stand alone. I’ve never been a fan of white walls; even in lighter rooms, my walls are seldom white. The prevalence of dark and moody spaces on my Instagram feed, whether it’s Dark Academia, Whimsigoth, Neo-Victorian, or the lighter and more art-deco-inspired Parisian look, captivates me. Apartment Therapy’s 2020 article on forgotten trends from the 1920s and I think the Parisian look is a continuation on this idea.

A kitchen sink with a beautiful pattern tiled backsplash with a chrome faucet, black granite countertops, and surrounded by blue and wood cabinets.
Modern Japandi mock up room interior design and decoration with green pastel counter and cabinet. Wooden chair and twigs in vase

Colorful Kitchens. Darker Warm Wood Tones. Real Marble. Geometric Patterns.

While I don’t dislike white kitchens, I detest the copy/paste treatment they often receive. Colorful cabinets and warm woods, such as walnut, create a timeless look that could belong to 1900, 1980, or 2023. Introducing marble adds a touch of classic elegance.

Cozy bedroom interior inspired by autumn color scheme

Curvaceous Furniture. Rusty Warm Tones. Organic Textures.

After the 2023 High Point Market, trend reporters noted a prevalence of flame-colored furnishings and accessories. This color trend appears to persist as younger Millennials and Gen Z individuals carve out their spaces, moving away from gray and cool-toned interiors. While warm tones are generally more flattering, I approach this with caution since I am a child of the ‘70s, when rusty warm tones ran amuck. The popularity of organic textures and furniture, largely driven by younger generations, seems poised to endure.

Vintage Furniture. DIY and Thrifted Decor. Layered Looks.

Has fast furniture lost its allure? Perhaps. With diminishing quality and uninspiring designs, along with the vast visual feast that is Facebook marketplace, vintage and thrifted furniture has experienced a resurgence in our homes. While it’s true that “they don’t build them like they used to,” a commitment to sustainability has prompted many to reupholster and restore vintage hand-me-downs and thrift finds. Blending this with the sophisticated, layered aesthetics of Grandpa Chic results in a home that exudes timeless elegance and richness.

An upholsterer fits a cushioned pad into a wooden chair
Vintage interior of retro off white armchair, vintage wooden light blue sideboard, old phonograph (gramophone) and vinyl records on background of beige wall, tiled porcelain floor, and red carpet.

Bohemian: A Trend That Persists

Despite predictions of its demise, I don’t think Bohemian style is finished. While I hope to see fewer watered-down versions, Boho, at its core, encompasses too many contemporary trends, such as vintage, layering, and organic textures, to fade away.

Is that all there is? Most likely not. Recent years have seen the emergence of brief, passing micro-trends, and as a designer, I find myself less enthused about them. Home decor isn’t as disposable as a T-shirt, and while it’s frequently influenced by fashion, altering it is neither effortless nor straightforward. That’s precisely why I advocate for disregarding trends and instead designing spaces that genuinely resonate with you.

Concept of bohemian style interior in cozy flat. Comfortable and vintage apartment with retro design in hygge bedroom.


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