HomeGoods: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Recently I decided to change up a few spots in my home, so I did what many people do, I headed to HomeGoods. I have a few designer friends that detest HomeGoods with a passion, I don’t share their feelings but I do approach shopping there with caution. Why? Let’s discuss. 

HomeGoods Decorative Goods

Their biggest draw is also their greatest weakness. You never know what you are going to find. On this particular trip I was thrilled to see so many new furniture options, a lot of fresh spring pillows, great baskets and planters, but that is not always the case. Last spring, while on a design project, my friend and I ran into HomeGoods for a few last minutes additions like a dutch oven, some art and pillows but they had NOTHING! 

They have limited quantities. What you see is what you get. I’ve fallen for something at HomeGoods and considered buying even when they didn’t have enough. That little voice saying, “Maybe I’ll find it in another HomeGoods,” is a trap. Don’t fall for it. Yes, you might luck out, but chances are slim.


A row full of Valentines Day Pillows at HomeGoods
Endcap full of Easter Bunnies

Now, let’s talk holiday goods. Do we really need Valentine’s Day pillows? Personally, I’m not big on holiday decorating—it feels like a waste of time and money. I’d rather stash that cash for a piece I’ll love every single day.

So what do I buy from HomeGoods?

I score quite a bit for myself and clients with ongoing small projects. However, I rarely use HomeGoods for furniture or accessories in projects with a specific style or deadline. Here’s a rundown of my recent finds:

Decor. Decor? Absolutely. Their basket selection is a winner. This giant beauty below only set me back $49.99. Sure, it has a few imperfections, but it’s a handwoven basket. When I need a basket, HomeGoods is my first stop. Decorative objects like these planters? Love it. But, brace yourself, there’s a fair bit of junk to sift through to find the gems.

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Furniture? Sometimes. My luck with HomeGoods’ furniture is a mixed bag. Check the manufacturer if the tag has a name. Inspect it thoroughly—is it level, any tears, pilling, loose strings? On my recent trip, they had a lot of Lillian August furniture. The floral chairs at 399.00 seem like a good deal but at the same price the stools are a tad pricey.

Rugs. I have had good luck with HomeGoods’ rug. Here is a beautiful Nourison 8×10 for 299.00. The downside, and this is true about the furniture too, it’s bulky and you have transport it yourself. 

8x10 nourison rug made in turkey

Pillows? Love ’em. HomeGoods’ pillow selection rocks. Zippered covers for easy cleaning, sets of two for building up pillows on a bed or sofa, and the pricing is spot-on.

Pillow Pairs at Homegoods
pillows pillows and more pillows at HomeGoods

Lamps? Usually. About 75% of the time, HomeGoods has a solid lamp selection. If I strike out, I’ll either wait or hit up another nearby HomeGoods. But for clients, lamps are too crucial for chance—I order them from a lighting company.

Ralph Lauren Lamp

Wall art & mirrors. Sadly, not anymore. I used to have good luck with HomeGoods when it came to art & mirrors, but lately everything is weird or overpriced or both. I’m not sure if the problem is their sources or their buyer but it’s been a big disappointment. 

wall of art at home goods
Clearance Art
Dog Starlight painting

Kitchen wares? Oh, yeah. Cutting boards, dish towels, and table runners—I’m a fan. HomeGoods is my go-to for kitchen organization bins. Sure, I like the Home Edit Collection at Walmart, but it’s a bit pricey, and they lack variety. Everything else in the kitchen section is a bit hit or miss, but here’s the golden rule: if I like it, I snag it because it won’t be there again. 


In the grand scheme, I’m a HomeGoods fan, but I’m no stranger to the quirks. It’s a mishmash of goodies, and with a designer’s eye, I can swiftly separate the wheat from the chaff. A couple of pro tips: hit it up when it’s slow (avoid weekends), wear comfy clothes, and for the love of design, don’t venture in on an empty stomach, or you might find yourself munching on those tempting cash register snacks.


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