From Coquette to Groovy: Navigating the Wild Ride of Décor Trends in 2024

As a design blogger, staying abreast of new trends is part of the job description. However, as an interior designer, I often find myself eschewing trends. Yet, every so often, a trend emerges that feels oddly familiar. During my research for this week’s blog on organization (January is the perfect time for it), I stumbled upon two trends that triggered a strong sense of deja vu: Coquette and 70s Decor.


coquette-bedroom with pink walls and chandelier

Firstly, what is Coquette? It appears to be a very feminine, romantic, and traditional decor with a whimsical touch, reminiscent of Bridgerton meets granny core. Michael’s seems to have embraced this trend with a whole line of perfectly Coquette decor. However, I must admit, I find the collection a bit reductive, and TikTok is currently obsessed with it. While I don’t spend much time on TikTok, it became apparent that to delve deeper into this trend, that’s where I needed to go. If you want to explore it yourself, click here and here.

Target photo of the former shabby collection with flowered bedding and chandelier
The former shabby collection with flowered bedding and chandelier is remarkably similar the the above Coquette bedroom.
Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic book
From my private collection, Rachell Ashwells Shabby Chic and Target collection sheets.

When I look at Coquette decor, one thing stands out: it’s a style I loved that was once very popular. However, there were many in the design community happy to see it fade away. If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s Shabby Chic. This style evolved similarly today due to economic factors and a desire for warmth and coziness. Thrifted furniture finds got makeovers, mismatched china sets found a place in cabinets, and soft florals were everywhere. This look was perfected by Rachell Ashwell, whose book I still own and whose Target home decor line I shopped.

The kids may call it Coquette, and I may call it Shabby Chic, but overall, I’m pleased to see its return.


Now, let’s discuss a style that I’m less enthusiastic about: 70s decor. Admittedly, the 2024 interpretation of this style is more palatable than the original, but I remain skeptical. Having experienced the aftermath of sunken living rooms, shag carpets, avocado appliances, and brown tile, the current love for 70s decor is confusing to me.


Groovy room
This is what I think of as movie 70s decor, so fun and poppin’, definitely not what I remember from the actual 1970s.

Why are people longing for this? Perhaps they desire cozy vibes in reaction to the colder grey and relative minimalism of the 2010s, or maybe they want to recreate their funky grandma’s house. Is there anything I’m willing to incorporate from this trend? Paneling: no; Shag: no; Brown toilets & sinks: no; Avocado: in fabrics and paint; Graphic wallpaper: yes; Walnut: yes.

70s realistic kitchen with green appliances and brown cabinets
THIS is what I remember, a true 1970s kitchen right down to the ashtray, add the smell of stale smoke and it’s like a Time Machine.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there. Becky Wright of The Sorry Girls has been renovating her 1970s house in true 70s style, and surprisingly, I don’t hate it. For more on this trend, you can delve into TikTok or check out Becky Wright’s YouTube.

Although these trends may seem vastly different, they share some underlying elements that tie into the larger trends of 2024: vintage and layering. It seems we’re in an era of expressing individuality through our interiors, and that’s a trend I can definitely get behind.

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