Curtains, Drapes and Blinds, Oh My!

One of the questions I get as designer is, where can I find good drapery? Although as a designer I LOVE beautiful custom window treatments created by talented artisans in local workrooms, not every project or room requires the time and expense of custom curtains to look finished. 

Our top “secret” source is….(drumroll) Amazon. It seems odd but Amazon is a great source of drapery. Finding wider width panels for those double and triple width windows where single width (48”-54”) panels would look skimpy can be a struggle. Luckily Two Pages, one of our favorite online custom companies is selling standard panels on Amazon. You can buy single, double and even triple width panels in multiple colors in faux linen with privacy lining. Some will say these are pricey and no they aren’t cheap but they cost significantly less than custom drapery but with a very custom look.

If these a little outside of your project budget there is a plethora of other great options on Amazon, some things that we would look for is a pinch pleat and lining. Those two elements elevate the look of any curtain panel.

If you are looking for something with pattern and a slightly more glam look, Ballard Designs has some elegant options. Many of the panels are lined and although they are all mostly single width they can be grouped to accommodate a wider window but you may lose open/close functionality.  Ballard also has a nice selection of hardware, ranging from simple rods with a French return to gorgeous acrylic rods with brass end caps and brackets.

For staging projects I tend to favor Crate & Barrel and CB2. They have a great range of drapery panels in interesting textures and are usually in stock at their stores. Although usually unlined and single width their fabrics have a good weight to them which helps them hang nicely.

Blinds are an important feature for any home, they provide privacy, safety, and insulation. They are also great for layering with drapery. For ready-made cut-to-size shades we usually use Lowe’s, but there are a lot of semi-custom blind companies online with great prices and sales like

wooden blinds

P.S. We know we use the terms curtains and drapery interchangeably. We have some designer friends who wince every time we say curtains but for us as long as they look good we don’t really care what they are called. 


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