Crafting Your Ideal Home Office Space

Now that the holiday festivities are behind us and we’ve returned to our work routines, it’s time to turn our attention to our workspaces. 


Whether your home office is a dedicated area for paying bills and organizing important files or a full-fledged remote work setup, the key to productivity lies in creating a comfortable and functional environment that beckons you away from makeshift dining table arrangements.



Your choice of desk is paramount, as it sets the tone for your work area. Personal preferences vary—some find a sit-and-stand desk ideal, while others prioritize style. Personally, I adore the Beflo sit-and-stand desk for its sleek design and customizable features. Here are a few other stylish desk options to consider:


A surprising number of desk chairs lack wheels, which, in my opinion, are essential for easy mobility and finding that perfect work spot. Below, I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite desk chairs with wheels:


The amount of light we prefer while working can differ significantly, I prefer a bright room but my husband is always working in complete darkness. Customization is key in home offices, and lighting plays a crucial role. Over the years, lamps have evolved to serve not only practical purposes but also to enhance our virtual presence. Opt for a strong warm light that can be angled for a flattering Zoom appearance. I’ve shifted from a beautiful shaded lamp to a more conventional swing arm desk lamp for this reason.


While most of our data is stored digitally, physical storage is still relevant in office spaces. Personally, I’ve had to minimize my storage needs but still keep essentials like paint decks, catalogs, pens, paperclips, and post-its within arm’s reach. For those who love being surrounded by books, a large bookcase with baskets and filing bins is an excellent solution. Here are some storage options to consider:


Admittedly, I have a soft spot for office supplies, but let’s focus on the essentials for your desktop—your computer setup. I stumbled upon this configuration during my time working with a remote company, and it’s proven to be efficient. Start with a portable laptop (I use a MacBook Pro), add a monitor for more screen real estate, and include a USB-C hub for connectivity. For comfort, a keyboard and Bluetooth mouse complete the setup. Add a desk pad to protect against coffee stains, a power strip for multiple plugs, and a sleek cable organizer for a clean and efficient workspace.

Creating the right home office space is a personalized journey that combines comfort, functionality, and style. Whether it’s selecting the perfect desk, opting for a chair with wheels for mobility, customizing lighting to suit individual preferences, organizing storage solutions, or crafting an efficient desktop setup, the key is to tailor the workspace to your unique needs. As we navigate the demands of our work routine, a thoughtfully designed home office not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a positive and inspiring atmosphere. By investing time and attention into curating your ideal home office, you’re not just creating a functional workspace – you’re crafting a sanctuary that fosters creativity and success in every professional endeavor.

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