Amazon Drapery Buying Guide

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Best For privacy and sunlight

These semi-sheer linen drapery panels are perfect for those desiring privacy while still welcoming in some natural light. The generous pinch pleat, combined with the upgraded linen fabric, gives them an appearance that is much more luxurious than their actual cost. Offering three hanging options—pins and rings, back tab, and clip rings—we recommend pins and rings for the most sophisticated look. In addition to white and natural, these panels are available in olive and flagstone. However, as they are not lined, we suggest sticking to lighter colors to maintain a uniform exterior appearance for our home.

Best For Hanging Drapes on a Budget

Drapery hardware can be costly, and opting for an adjustable rod can result in significant savings. We highly recommend the set by Simewin, which is available in multiple sizes and finishes, and includes finials and brackets. Special thanks to fellow blogger Stefana Silber  for providing a solution to the adjustable rod dilemma.

Best Lined Pinch Pleats

If you’re seeking increased light blocking without compromising on the polished pinch pleat finish, Huto provides ready-made lined drapery panels in various lengths and widths. With multiple color options available, it’s worth noting that only the darkest colors guarantee optimal light blocking. However, these panels are not as rigid as drapes with standard blackout lining.


Best For slider

If you have a triple window or a slider, extra-wide drapery panels are the ideal solution. However, they can be challenging to find and often come with a hefty price tag, particularly if you opt for a custom route. Inovaday offers a solution with panels available in 100” widths and various lengths. These panels are lined, and while the lining is not white or cream, the light gray lining should not appear unsightly from the outside. They can be hung using clips and hooks or shirred on the rod; if you plan to open and close them, I highly recommend using clips and rings.

Best Blackout

H. Versailtex asserts that their drapery panels blackout 100% of light, making them ideal for those who work night shifts, gamers, or parents with babies who prefer to sleep during the day. Additionally, these panels excel at insulating windows. Designed to be shirred on the rod, they are available in 52” widths, suitable for standard-sized windows. While there are a few color options, all variants feature white lining.

 If you prefer easy opening and closing, you can find an alternative in the runner-up from Lush Decor. They come in various lengths and feature grommets for convenient operation. The 2 inch grommets slide easily over the rod, but note they are only available in a silver-tone, which might clash with your rod of choice. 

Best Blackout Rods

Pair these room-darkening rods with Lwilom. They feature a sleek French return and cleverly adjust in size at the center. Available in various finishes and sizes.

If you are hanging sheers as well as drapery panels we recommend these double rods from Hosmile.

Best Pattern

Lush Decor is typically our preferred choice for patterned, ready-made drapery. The Sydney Floral panels, available in multiple lengths and colors, boast a wonderful traditional aesthetic that complements Grand Millennial or Granny Chic rooms seamlessly. For double windows, be sure to purchase two panels per side. It’s worth noting that these panels lack lining, but by pairing them with sheers, you not only enhance the traditional appeal but also address the lining issue.

Best Sheers

If you just want a little privacy and to soften to look of your windows, ABCHOME has sheer panels that are available in multiple widths and lengths. These are meant to be shirred on the rod although clips and rings could also work. They come in multiple colors, but those we do not recommend, stick with the white or beige.